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We adhere to a counter-ambush training philosophy in all our training.

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a counter-ambush philosophy

We never know when a violent encounter will occur. Violent encounters don't happen like they do in the movies or on television. They happen quickly, they are violent, they are surprising, and they require immediate response. To think otherwise is foolish. Very few violent encounters happen the way some actually train for them:  in isolation. Training skills in isolation is a great way to gain competency in a given skill (rapid magazine change, rapid sight acquisition, etc). However, not training those important skills in context can place you in grave danger. The learned skills must be placed in context of drills that simulate (as best we can) real life situations. At the ATM machine, getting out of your car to refuel, walking across a parking lot, and using unarmed skills because you can't get to your gun or are in a place you can't lawfully carry. These are all examples of real life context.


Our instructors have experienced these situations and teach from the experience  of actual self defense encounters. When you add the adrenaline dump, tunnel vision, and other physiological factors to the mix, you will appreciate what we offer.


A counter-ambush philosophy recognizes that most violent encounters will occur when we least expect it. In any critical incident (self defense, car accident, etc), our bodies & minds react in survival mode. Our training goals should be to combine what the body/mind does naturally (emotional response) and what the body/mind has been trained to do (intuition response).


A counter-ambush philosophy gives us our best chance of survival in any violent encounter.



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